Next steps after completing a pathway in Imagine Math 3+

After a student has completed a pathway, a Teacher or Administrator should review the student's progress to determine which pathway to assign next. 


Students must have at least one pathway assigned in order to work in Imagine Math. You will receive a dashboard alert to help you locate students without pathways.

To review a student's progress, pull up the student's Progress Report and select the completed pathway in the pathway drop-down menu.


It is very important to gain an understanding of the student's quality of work in the completed pathway. 

  • Which lessons were passed (grade level or remediation)
  • Which lessons required second attempts
  • How high were the passing scores
  • How much time was spent on failed lessons vs. passed lessons 

Another consideration is how often students are using the Live Teachers and the Math Helps. You can find this information by customizing the Overview section of the Usage Report to include the Math Help Views column.

Once you've completed the review, you can make an informed decision on whether to re-assign the same pathway, assign a lower- or higher-level pathway, or create a custom pathway.

Option 1:  Reassign/Restart the Same Pathway 

Option 2:  Assign a Lower-Level Pathway

  • Recommended if the student did not pass many lessons but spent quality time on them, clearly used the Math Helps, and has a notebook/journal detailing their struggles on the problems. 
  • Next step: Assign a new, lower-level pathway

Option 3:  Assign a Domain/Content-Specific Pathway

  • Recommended if the student struggled on specific topics but has acceptable progress in the majority of the pathway, utilizes the Math Helps, and has a journal/notebook providing evidence of what topics they understand and which ones they do not.
  • Next step: Create and assign a custom pathway

Option 4:  Assign a Higher-Level Pathway

  • Recommended if the student passes the majority of the lessons on first attempts or tests out of many lessons via the Pre-Quiz, has a low number of helps, has a journal/notebook detailing above-average understanding of their work, and is an overall high-achieving student.  If your intent is to challenge the student a little more, then this is an ideal solution.
  • Next step: Assign a new, higher-level pathway