NWEA™ in action in Imagine Math 3+

Let's look at an example of how a student's performance on the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment can automatically adjust lessons to match a student's competency level. 


This particular example is from the state of Texas. The number of domain pathways and their specific names vary by state.

On the NWEA Assessment Portal, we can see that a student took an NWEA Growth assessment for Math 6+ and received an overall RIT score of 197. The overall RIT score is an average of each domain score.   


The overall RIT score is compared to the Math Norms chart to derive an instructional grade level, which identifies the grade level of the content a student is ready to learn. The instructional grade level is derived from the most current NWEA MAP Growth Assessment the student has taken. 


Looking at the chart above, we can see that this 6th-grader with a RIT score of 197 is actually performing at a Grade 3 level, and the Grade Level RIT Range for a 6th Grade student is 218-221.

The domain RIT scores, shown below, indicate how the student performed within each domain.   

Domain RIT Score
Geometry and Measurement 197
Numerical Representations and Probability 194
Data Analysis 204
Computations and Algebraic Relationships 192

If the NWEA Default configuration is used, this student will receive a default grade-level pathway based on their rostered grade level (6). The necessary remediation lessons to bring the student up to grade level are automatically inserted based on their overall performance on the NWEA assessment.

If the Supplemental configuration is used, the student will have the default grade-level pathway (Grade 6), in addition to the following domain-specific pathways:

  • Geometry and Measurement - RIT Band 189-200
  • Numerical Representations and Probability - RIT <221
  • Computations and Algebraic Relationships - RIT Band 189-200
  • Data Analysis - RIT <221

With the Supplement option, when the student logs into Imagine Math, they will see multiple pathways and should select the one recommended by their teacher.