Assigning pathways to Imagine Math 3+ students

Pathways are series of lessons in Imagine Math. Although students may be auto-assigned pathways upon enrollment in the program or after completing the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment, educators also have the option to manually assign both Imagine Math-created pathways and custom pathways to their students. District Administrators can assign pathways to any student in their organization. School Administrators can assign pathways to any student in their school. Teachers can assign pathways to any student assigned to them. The new pathway will be available to students the next time they log in. 


  • Students can be assigned to more than one pathway. If you assign students multiple pathways, be sure to to let your students know which pathway you would like them to work on first. Students must select a pathway upon logging into the program. 
  • If students are in more than one math class with more than one teacher, coordinate with the other teacher on which pathway(s) to assign so that you don't assign the same pathway to the same students in different classes. If you happen to assign a duplicate pathway, students will repeat identical lessons.

To assign a pathway to students:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.

  2. In the Management portion of the left navigation bar, click Classrooms.


  3. Click Current Students.


  4. A list of the students in that classroom appears. Click the box next to the name of the student(s) to whom you want to assign a pathway. Or, if you want to assign the pathway to all students, check the box to the left of the First Name header. Click *Assign Pathway.


    Use the Assign Pathway button to assign an additional pathway and keep any remaining pathways. Use the Switch Pathway button if you want to replace a student's existing pathway with a new pathway. 

  5. The Assign Pathway screen opens. Click Created by IM or Custom to choose the type of pathway you would like to assign. Created by IM (created by Imagine Math) is the default and includes Common Core and state pathways. The Custom tab houses manually created pathways.


  6. Click the button next to the pathway that you want to assign. (If desired, use the filters to help find the pathway. Click the Grade Level drop-down list to filter pathways by grade level. Click Pathway Type to filter by Common Core or State Standards where they are available.) mceclip0.png
  7. At the bottom of the page, click Enroll to assign the pathway to the student(s) you selected.
  8. You'll receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen.mceclip2.png
  9. The pathway will be listed in the Pathway(s) column. 
    2024-02- number 2.png