Logging in to the Math Suite

These instructions explain how Students, Administrators, Educators, and Families can log in to the Imagine Math Suite to gain access to Imagine Math PreK-2, Imagine Math 3+, and/or Imagine Math Facts.


If your school uses a Single Sign On (SSO) provider, such as Clever or Classlink, you should use your SSO portal to log in instead of following the instructions below.

Students Educators & Families

These instructions explain how students log in to Imagine Math PreK-2, Imagine Math Grade 3+, and Imagine Math Facts.

To log in, students must have either:

  • A username, password, and Site Code (a unique identifier for the school or district).


  • A supported device with a camera that can scan a QR code.


Since the school must provide the information above to their students, we recommend that you print Start Cards and distribute them to your students. The Start Cards contain both the QR code and the log in credentials, so no matter which method students use to log in, the needed information is in one handy place.


To log students in to the Math Suite

  1. Go to math.imaginelearning.com in a supported web browser.
  2. Under the Students section, use the device camera to scan the QR code.


    Enter the student's Username, Password, and Site Code.


  3. If the student has access to more than one Imagine Math product, select the product you want the student to use.


    (If the student has only one product, it will automatically open for them.)


Here are some quick solutions to problems you might encounter when trying to log a student in to the Literacy Suite.

I'm an educator, and my student does not know their login credentials

Educators and administrators can access student login information through the Educator portal (Students). You can also print Start Cards for individual students or groups of students. For more information, see Printing Start Cards.

My student cannot change their username and password

Students cannot change their username or password. Login credentials come from the school. However, educators and administrators can change a student's username and password in the Educator portal (for more information, see Viewing and editing student account information).

My student does not know their Site Code

A Site Code is a unique identifier for a school or district. Students' Site Codes are found on their Start Cards. 

For more information, see Finding your student's Site Code.

The QR Code does not work

QR codes require a device camera. You will need to ensure that camera permissions are enabled for your device and browser. If your student's device does not have a camera, you must manually enter the student Username, Password, and Site Code.


If your school uses a Single Sign On (SSO) program, such as Clever, you will need to use your school's SSO QR code. The Imagine Learning QR code found on Student Login Cards do not work in place of SSO QR codes.