Finding students without pathways in Imagine Math 3+

Pathways are series of lessons in Imagine Math.  Without at least one pathway assigned to them, students will be unable to work in the program.  

Imagine Math 3+ assigns students a default pathway upon the creation of their account and/or updates based on an NWEA™ MAP® integration, but there can be instances where a pathway is not assigned or no longer assigned. One example is when a student completes their only pathway. When students do not have at least one pathway, Imagine Math displays a link in the Home page to a list of students without a pathway. You must then assign a new pathway to these students in order for them to continue working in the program. (Refer to Completing a Pathway - Next Steps for guidance on reviewing a student's progress in a completed pathway and assigning the next pathway.)

Finding students without a pathway

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. On the Home Page, click Unassigned Pathways under Quick Links.


    If no students have unassigned pathways, the Unassigned Pathways link does not appear.


  3. A list of students not assigned to a pathway displays.


  4. To enroll students in a pathway, click the classroom name and follow the directions for assigning a pathway, beginning with step 4.