Removing a student's pathway in Imagine Math 3+

Pathways can be removed from a student’s account by an Administrator or Teacher. The data from any progress made on removed pathways is retained within Imagine Math reports and students keep the THINK Points they earned while in the pathway. If needed, you can recover the pathway later and students can pick up where they left off in the pathway. 

To remove a student's pathway:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math

  2. If you are a District Administrator or Customer Administrator, click Schools in the Management section of the left navigation pane. 

    Click Classes to the right of the applicable school and then go to step 4. mceclip6.png
  3. If you are a School Administrator or Teacher, click Classrooms in the Management section of the left navigation pane. 


  4. Click Current Students in the class containing the student whose pathway you want to remove.


  5. Locate the applicable student. If you don't see your student listed, check the Active/Inactive drop-down to make sure you are working with active students. 


  6. Click remove by the applicable pathway. 


    You can only view pathways for the selected class. If a student shows no pathways in the class you've selected, they may have pathways in another class.

  7. Click OK in the Confirm Action window.
  8. The non-removed pathways remain if the student had more than one pathway.

    If the student had only one pathway, No Pathway Assigned displays in the Pathway(s) column. Be sure to assign the student a pathway so that they have work the next time they log in to Imagine Math.