Creating a Custom Pathway in Imagine Math

Teachers or administrators can create custom pathways tailored to help students with specific and focused lessons. 

  1. Sign in to the Imagine Math Suite.
  2. Select Imagine Math.
  3. Under Content select Learning Pathways


  4. Click Create a Pathway.


  5. Enter a Name for the new pathway.
  6. Select a Grade Level.
  7. Choose the preferred Pathway Options.


  8. Click Save. The Edit Pathway window displays. This is where you add lessons.
  9. Scroll down to view the grade level lessons.


  10. Drag & drop desired lessons from Available Lessons to Selected Lesson column. You may order the chosen lessons to how you need them to be delivered. You can change the grade level to select lessons from lower/higher grade levels if needed. 
  11. Click Save.
  12. The pathway is housed under Content> Manage Pathways> Customer-Created tab.



You may notice some of the lesson descriptions state: "This lesson is designed specifically to support and prepare students for success on..."  This means the lesson is a pre-cursor lesson and is unavailable when creating a custom pathway as it is designed only for remediation purposes.


To further customize the pathway, please see article Editing (Add/Remove/Move) Lessons in a Custom Pathway

To assign this new pathway, please see article Assigning a Pathway