Creating a custom pathway in Imagine Math 3+

Imagine Math 3+ pathways are a sequence of Imagine Math lessons. Students are automatically assigned one or more pathways when they start to use Imagine Math. 

However, at any time, Teachers and Administrators can create custom pathways from scratch or via cloning to help students with specific and focused lessons. These can be manually assigned instead of or in addition to the automatically assigned pathways, and they can be assigned to individual students, small groups, or entire classrooms.

Section 1:01 to 4:34 of the video below explains the difference between creating a custom pathway to make a unique set of lessons and cloning a pathway to make minor changes to an existing pathway. The video shows how to do both. 

Custom pathways can be used to provide targeted reviews of skills taught in class, provide learning opportunities over extended school breaks, or supplement the existing math curriculum. They allow you to select lessons to meet students' needs, and can also be edited later if desired. 


District Administrators and Customer Administrators can create custom pathways for their organization.  School Administrators can create custom pathways for their building, and Teachers can create custom pathways for students in their classes. Therefore, if you want a pathway to be accessible by more than one teacher, be sure to have an administrator create the pathway.

To create a custom pathway:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. In the Content section of the navigation sidebar, select Learning Pathways.
  3. Click Create a Pathway


  4. A window opens for you to define the characteristics of the pathway. Enter a Name for the new pathway, select a Grade Level, choose your preferred Pathway Options, and click Save.
  5. You'll see a message at the top of the screen saying that you've successfully created the pathway.
  6. The Edit Pathway window displays. This is where you add lessons. Scroll down to view the lessons of the grade you chose in step 4.


  7. Click the green plus sign to move lessons from the Available Lessons column to the Selected Lessons column. If needed, you can select lessons from multiple grade levels by changing the grade level in the filter. Once you have selected all the lessons you want, use the triple bar icon (mceclip0.png) to drag and drop the lessons in the order you wish them to be presented to students; then click Save. mceclip3.png  


    To preview the content of a lesson to decide if you want to include it in your custom pathway, use the Lesson Explorer.

  8. You'll see a message at the top of the screen saying that you've successfully updated the pathway.
  9. The pathway is now stored under Content > Learning Pathways > Custom.


  10. Assign the new pathway to students.


Once you have created a custom learning pathway, you will have access to it as long as your Imagine Math account remains active. Student data from custom learning pathways is removed during the rollover process at the end of the school year, but the pathway will remain for you to assign to new students in the new academic year.