Using the Assignment Builder

Assignment Builder provides Administrators and Teachers the opportunity to access all K-12 lessons to create custom assignments for students. Assignments can be built to supplement students' individualized learning paths, allow for more practice or provide additional context with instruction, and support for students to gain mastery of a subject. Assignments can be assigned to individual students, multiple students, or an entire class. Assignment Builder gives educators more control over the selection and sequence of the lessons students receive.

Assignment Builder provides an assignment area within the student portal. My Assignments allows students to work on their teacher-assigned lessons independently from their individualized learning path when new assignments have been assigned, or are still in progress.

Assignment Builder provides the following tools and resources for Administrators and Teachers:

  • Lesson Explorer to find and preview lessons
  • Assignment Folder to organize lessons to assign
  • Assignment Wizard to assign lessons to select students
  • Assignment Summary to review student progress and edit the assignment

The Assignment Builder Dashboard provides users access to the Lesson Explorer or the assignment's summary page from the My Assignments section.

Teachers can use the Lesson Explorer to find age-appropriate MyPath Reading or Math lessons for grades K-12, and/or K-5 Purpose or Science lessons. The lesson activities can be previewed and lesson resources downloaded.

Once lessons are identified, teachers add lessons to their Assignment Folder and determine the lesson order. The lessons within the folder can be saved and when ready, assigned to students.

Selecting the Assign button from the folder enables the Assignment Wizard to guide the teacher through steps to define the parameters of the assignment by selecting students across the teacher's classes, naming the assignment, identifying a due date, and providing an assignment icon. Once finalized, the assignment is delivered to the identified students, and an Assignment Summary is created for that assignment.

From the Dashboard, the My Assignments section provides a quick view of student's performance on all active and closed assignments created by the teacher. The information visually identifies if students have started the assignment and if lesson mastery is being achieved with passing or not passing scores.

The teacher is alerted if an assignment with a due date is past due. Teachers can click the assignment title to access the Assignment Summary page that is automatically created for each assignment.


Important information to note:

  • Assignment Folders are subject-specific
  • Assignment Folders are unique to each teacher and cannot be shared or accessed by other teachers
  • Assignment Folders remain saved each year and are not lost after the annual reset
  • Editing a folder will not affect any active assignments


Lesson Explorer

The Lesson Explorer contains all age-appropriate K-12th MyPath Reading lessons, K-12 MyPath Math lessons, and K-5 Purpose and Science lessons. Preset filters and using search reduces the number of lesson results. Teachers and Administrators can easily explore the lessons, preview activities, download lesson resources, and build assignment folders. Teachers can create and save assignment folders without assigning them to students right away.

The Lesson Explorer allows teachers to perform the following:

  • Preview and interact with lesson activities
  • Download lesson resources
  • Add lessons to a new or saved assignment folder


Subject access in the Lesson Explorer is based on the customer's contract agreement.


Assignment Summary

The Assignment Summary is specific to one assignment created by the teacher. The purpose of this page is to give teachers the ability to review students' assignment data and make edits to the assignment. 

Within the table on the page, teachers can view each student's progress, time on task, and performance toward lesson mastery. Students to focus on, are students who have either not started the assignment or have a mastery check score of not passing, are at the top of the table. By selecting a student's completed activity or mastery check, the teacher can view how students answered questions. In addition, the lesson resources can be downloaded directly from this page.

The following edits can be made to the assignment from the Assignment Summary page:


  • Edits from the Assignment Summary page do not affect the folder where the lessons were created.
  • Any edits made to the assignment will be reflected in the student's portal upon their next login if they have not completed their assignment.
  • Edits can be made for assignments in progress.
  • Removing a student or deleting an assignment is irreversible.


Student Assignments

The My Assignments button displays on the homepage of students with assignments. Selecting the My Assignments button shows the My Assignment page containing new or in-progress assignments. Selecting an assignment directs students to their course map, which displays their lessons in the order determined by the teacher. If students leave a lesson, they pick up where they left off when they return to that assignment.

Differences between ILP and Assignment lessons:

  Assignments Individual Learning Paths
Student Access My Assignments Subject
Created by Teacher Generated based on the assessment result
Mastery check At the end of a lesson At the beginning of a lesson
Number of Mastery Checks One  One or more
Due Date Optional None
Not Accessible to Students when Teacher closes or deletes, or upon student completion Closed upon student completion of Passed or Not Passed
Student data Student progress displayed in Assignment Summary Student progress is displayed in reports.
Order of lessons Arranged by Teacher Arranged by Learning Path based on Assessment results