Editing, closing, and deleting assignments in Imagine MyPath


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

After using the Assignment Builder to create and assign assignments to students in Imagine MyPath, Teachers and Administrators can make specific changes to assignments, including:

  • Updating an assignment's name and/or icon
  • Adding and/or removing students
  • Changing the assignment's status from active to closed, or deleting it entirely
  • Adding, removing, or changing the assignment's due date


You cannot add, remove, or rearrange lessons after an assignment has been assigned to students. You'll need to create a new assignment if you want to change the set or sequence of lessons in the assignment. Once the assignment has been assigned, even if no students have begun work on it yet, its lessons are locked.

To edit, close, or delete an active assignment:

  1. Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.
  2. Teachers: Choose Assignment Builder in the left navigation pane.
    Administrators with access to multiple schools: Choose Assignment Builder in the left navigation pane, then select the desired school.
  3. Select an assignment card on the Assigned tab to view the Assignment Summary


  4. Click the pencil icon next to the detail you want to modify, then follow the instructions in the table below.
    This table describes each type of change you can make to an active assignment.
    Assignment Detail Description
    Assignment Name & Icon

    Click the pencil icon next to the assignment's name to edit the name and/or icon. An icon is required for assignments for students in Grades K-2 but is optional for Grades 3+.

    Make your desired changes and click Save.


    An assignment can have a status of Active or Closed. If you close the assignment, students can no longer work on it, but you can still access students' assignment data. On a closed assignment, only the name and icon can be updated.

    You can also delete the assignment, which removes the assignment from your Assignment Dashboard and the associated student data. Deleting an assignment also removes it from your students' My Assignments folder.

    Make your selection and click Change Status.

    Whichever option you choose, you'll receive a warning that the change is irreversible and then be asked to confirm your choice. 


    An assignment automatically closes once all assigned students complete it, but you can close it manually before then if you want. To view the assignment after you've closed it, switch to the Closed view on the Assignment Dashboard. 


    Click the pencil icon in the Students tile to add or remove students. Under Available Students, you can add a whole class by clicking Select Full Class, or you can expand the student roster and select individuals by clicking their names. Under Selected Students, there is an option to Remove All, or you can click students' names to remove individuals. If you remove students who had begun working on an assignment, their progress will be lost, so they will start over if you add them back later.

    Click Save when you're done adjusting the list of selected students.


    Students can only be added to an active assignment before its due date. Simply extend the due date if you want more students to complete the assignment. 

    Due Date

    The assignment due date is for informational purposes only. Students can still work on the assignment after its due date has passed.

    To change the due date, enter a new date or use the calendar. You can also select No due date.

    Click Save when you've made the desired change.


If a student has not yet completed their assignment, any edits made to that assignment will be visible the next time they open it. For example, if you change the assignment name, students will see the new name in their assignment list.