Understanding staff account permissions in Imagine Galileo

Staff accounts can be one of three types: District Administrator, School Administrator, or Teacher. Administrator and Teacher accounts have different permissions. This chart shows which permissions are unique to each account type, which permissions are shared, and any restrictions in how those permissions are applied.


District Administrator

(District-level Users)

School Administrator

(School-level users)


(Class-level users)

Library Builder  
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Schedule Test

(Using the Bulk Scheduler is recommended)

(Using the Bulk Scheduler is recommended)

District Administrators can control who has access to libraries using the Library Builder tool within Imagine Galileo. Access to a library can only be modified by users with the highest level of permission (i.e., Write access). The user who creates a library automatically has Write access to that library and can provide other users at or below the user’s level, with the desired type of access by assigning the library to them with the desired level of permission. In general, each user should only be provided with the minimum level of permission that enables them to perform desired activities related to the materials in the library.

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