Viewing the Teacher Dashboard in Imagine Galileo

Teacher Dashboard is the most commonly used Dashboard for Teachers and other class-level users. You can schedule events, create tests and lessons, view test results, and quickly access your roster and student passwords from the Teacher Dashboard.

To view the Teacher Dashboard

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click the Dashboard icon ( dashboardicon_upd.png ).


  3. The Teacher Dashboard displays. 


  4. Your class roster displays on the left side of the Teacher Dashboard when using either the Calendar or Report view. 

    teacher dash upd min.png

    Use the table below to learn more about the class roster.

    Icon Description
    totalRoster.png Shows the total number of students on your roster.
    printIcon.png Click the Print icon to print your roster.
    studentGrid.png Click the Student Grid to display all students on your roster. The red number shows the total number of students on your roster.
    cakeIcon.png Click the Cake icon to see today's birthdays. The red number shows the total number of today's birthdays. 
    bellIcon.png Click the Bell icon to see upcoming birthdays. The red number shows the total number of upcoming birthdays. 
    birthdayPrint.png Click the Print All Birthday icon to print a list of birthdays for your students.  The red number shows the number of today's birthdays. 
    testHistory.png Click the Assessment History icon to load the student's Imagine Galileo Assessment History report. 
    infoIcon.png Click the Information icon to view a student's student ID, full name, login name, password, birthday, and Imagine Galileo enrollment date. 
  5. Click Calendar or Reports in the views section to switch between Calendar and Reports views. Use the tabs to see detailed information about each view. 


Calendar Reports
The Calendar view allows you to quickly see what events you have scheduled, schedule new events, or build different events. Use the table below for information on how to schedule events, filter, and print your calendar.Teacher_Dashboard_calendar.png
Topic Description
buildButton.png Click +Build to build a new Test, Dialogue, Digitial Curriculum, or Lesson Plan to add to your calendar.   
scheduleButton.png Click SCHEDULE to schedule a test, assignment, lesson plan, general event, or Bulk Scheduler item.
printIcon.png Click Print to print your calendar. 
calendarFilter.png Click a colored box to filter your calendar by event type. By default, all events appear on your calendar. A full box displays the event type on your calendar. An empty box removes the event type from your calendar. 
dateFilter.png Use the date filter to change the view of your calendar from today, this month, this week, or a specific day. By default, the month view is shown.