Reactivating or inactivating Imagine Galileo classes

Administrators can view all active and inactive classes that are shared with Imagine Galileo. Additionally, only Administrators can deactivate and reactivate classes. 


Motivations for Administrators to reactivate a class:

  • The class stopped sharing
  • Class reports are no longer available
  • To run reports needed for analysis


  • Check the dates on the Inactive Classes tab to easily identify classes that may inadvertently or intentionally stopped sharing.
  • From the Inactive Classes tab, sort classes by dates to quickly select the classes to reactivate.


Imagine Galileo is shared at a class level for reports such as District/School/Class Benchmark reports.

To view active and inactive classes
  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Setup > School Information > Class.


  3. Fill in the School and Term fields.


  4. The list of active classes displays.


    You can click Inactive Classes to view the list of inactive classes.


  5. To inactivate or activate classes, you can utilize the search box to locate the specific classes you want to modify.
    By clicking the search drop-down menu, you can select a column to narrow your search criteria.

    Use a column header sort ( Class ) icon to sort the list in ascending or descending order.

  6. Once you have identified the desired class, you have the option to select individual classes by choosing the checkbox next to each class. Alternatively, you can select all listed classes by clicking the checkbox in the column heading. Click Inactivate Classes ( Class ) or Reactivate Classes ( inact ) to perform the respective action. 
  7. Select either the PDF or EXCEL format to download the list. This will allow saving the class list for offline access or further analysis.