Understanding the Imagine Galileo Risk Level Summary

Administrators and Teachers can use the Risk Level summary to identify students who are at risk of not mastering their grade-level content standards or not demonstrating proficiency toward the state standardized assessments if state forecasting test data has been provided. You can access Instruction Performance Tracker reports from the Risk Level Summary

To view the Risk Level Summary:

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click the Grade and Subject drop-down list to choose the grade and subject for which you want to view a Risk Level Summary.


  3. The Risk Level Summary shows the number of students who are On Course, Low, Moderate, and High. Click View Performance Tracker for Risk Levels to view the Instruction Performance Tracker report. To populate the Risk Level Summary, you must have administered multiple tests. 


    If you've only administered two tests, the high-risk graph won't appear in your risk level summary. High-risk graphs only appear after administering a third test.



    Learn more about the risk levels on page 3 of the FAQs document