Understanding the Imagine Galileo Categorical Growth Summary

The Admin Dashboard includes a Categorical Growth Summary that Administrators can use to see if schools and individual classes have maintained the expected growth of their students in the specific subjects. The categorical growth analysis of student scores is based on the comparison between the earliest and most recent benchmark assessments.

To view the Categorical Growth summary

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click the Dashboard icon (dashboardicon_upd.png).


  3. In the Admin Dashboard menu, use the School drop-down list to choose a school for which you want to see the Categorical Growth Summary. District Administrators or other District-level users can select All Schools to run district aggregate data.


  4. The Categorical Growth Summary provides the number of teacher and school scores that have not maintained expected growth, have maintained expected growth, and have exceeded expected growth for an entire school and individual grade levels. Use the table below the summary for a description of each part of the summary. 


    Item Description

    Observed growth is significantly below the expected growth.


    There is no statistically significant change between observed and expected growth.

    exx.png Observed growth is significantly greater than expected growth.
    snp.png Students have not yet taken or completed the test. 
    nscore.png Shows the number of classrooms in each growth category. Click the number to see a list of classrooms in that category. 
    icon.png Click the information icon to see a detailed view of staff members with Categorical Growth Scores. 
    pi1.png Print a PDF copy of the summary.