Understanding the Imagine Galileo Dashboard

The Imagine Galileo Educator Dashboard provides District Administrators, School Administrators, and other district-level and school-level access with two different Dashboards; a Teacher Dashboard, and an Admin dashboard. Teachers and other class-level users have access to the Teacher Dashboard. When selecting a particular dashboard, you can access different sections that provide you with the tools you need to complete tasks.

Teacher Dashboard

All users have access to the Teacher Dashboard. This dashboard is used for planning instruction, assessing students, and analyzing student progress. Teachers will spend most of their time on the Teacher page, though District Administrators and School Administrators will also often access the Teacher Dashboard for the classes at their schools. Teacher_Dashboard.png

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is only available to District Administrators and School Administrators. The Admin Dashboard page provides access to four popular reporting sections. The Admin Dashboard sections aggregate students’ growth and achievement data and summarize teachers’ growth categorizations. Admin_Dashboard.png