Changing the lead teacher of a class in Imagine Galileo

In Imagine Galileo, multiple teachers can be assigned to a class, but only 1 can be set as the lead teacher (teacher of record). The program is coded to assign the first staff user processed during rostering as the lead teacher, but this does not always match the actual lead teacher. When this happens, searching for a class by teacher on the Teacher Dashboard does not return the expected results, and the Categorical Growth summary does not display the correct lead teacher.

Administrators can change the lead teacher by following the steps below.

To change the lead teacher:

  1. Go to Setup > School Information > Class.
  2. District Administrators: Select a school in the School field.
  3. In the Term field, select All Terms (as shown below) or Galileo Default Terms
  4. Click the name of the class whose leader teacher is not displaying accurately in the Teacher column. In this example, the teacher displays as Joshua Brown but the actual lead teacher is Brandon Miller.
  5. Click into the Teacher drop-down menu and select the correct lead teacher.
  6. Click Save.

    The updated teacher displays in the Teacher column.