Pathways for ACT/SAT prep in Imagine Math 3+

ACT and SAT pathways created by Imagine Math are available in any state that uses the Common Core, along with the following states:

  • FL
  • LA
  • NC
  • NY
  • OK
  • TX

Follow these steps to assign the ACT/SAT pathways to your students. The default settings for these pathways are as seen below; if you want to change the settings, clone the pathway, edit the settings on the cloned pathway, and then assign the cloned pathway to your students instead of the original pathway.

Use Benchmark Remediation? = OFF
Use Pathway Remediation? = ON
Allow Test Out? = ON
Require Pre-Quiz? = ON

Detailed information about the lessons and standards in each pathway is available by navigating to Content > Teacher Resources, selecting Pathways in the Category drop-down menu, and typing SAT or ACT in the Description.