FAQs: Pathways in Imagine Math 3+

1. How can I see the lesson pathway alignments for my state? 

Imagine Math provides state-aligned pathways to support standards. Locate these in the Teacher Resources section. The easiest way to find them is to select Standards Alignment in the Category drop-down and then type your state name or "Common Core" in the Resource box. 


2. Why do I get the message "Your students were queued for enrollment in [pathway name]" ?

This message appears when a high volume of educators are making adjustments to pathway enrollment. It may take up to 15 minutes for the assigned pathway to load. 

3. Why does a student see more pathways than I've assigned?

Pathway enrollments are tied to classrooms. If your student is in more than one classroom, they may have pathways assigned by other educators. Students may also have multiple pathways depending on their assessment provider settings at the district level.  When students have more than one pathway, be sure to let them know which pathway they should be working on when they are with you. Students with more than one pathway must select their pathway at the start of each Imagine Math session.


Teachers' ability to add and remove pathways is restricted to their classroom. Therefore, it's not possible for you to remove a pathway assigned in someone else's classroom. Please work with your fellow teachers on managing pathways.

School Administrators are not restricted to only certain classrooms. They are able to add and remove student pathways within all classes at the school. 

4. Will students receive previously completed lessons in a new pathway?

NWEA users who've chosen the Supplement pathway option will receive previously completed lessons.  It's possible for other students to receive the same lesson in multiple pathways, too. When a student is enrolled in a new pathway, they will go through all of the lessons that are assigned within it. This means that even if they have already completed a particular lesson in a previous pathway, they will still be prompted to begin the lesson. However, if they earn an 80% or higher on the pre-quiz, they will skip that lesson and move on to the next lesson, provided that Allow Test Out is checked in the Pathway Options of the new pathway. (This is the default option.) 


5. How does a pathway adapt if a student fails?

Pathways provide the type of lesson the students need right when they need it. If the student passes the lesson (or scores 80% or higher on the pre-test and Allow Test Out is checked in the Pathway Options), they move on to the next lesson. If they fail the lesson, Imagine Math inserts one or more remediation lessons in the form of a precursor lesson. Precursor lessons are designed to build student comprehension on the core concept of the lesson. After the student passes the remediation lesson, the student is returned to the failed lesson to try again. If the student isn't successful on their second attempt, Imagine Math places the same lesson at the end of their pathway for one last try.  

6. My student was accidentally removed from a pathway; can we restart them where they left off?

Yes, they can pick up where they left off if you recover their pathway

7. If I change a student's pathway, will it affect their THINK Points?

No. Adding or removing a pathway will not affect the amount of THINK Points the student has already earned. THINK Points are used for motivational purposes and we strive to keep them motivated. In fact, adding another pathway will only give that student more opportunity to earn THINK Points.

8. Will students' pathway progress and data be saved year to year?

No. As part of the rollover process at the end of each school year, all student accounts and related information such as lesson scores, lesson progress within pathways, and benchmark test results will be removed on the rollover date. 

9. Can I save my custom-created pathways for next year?

Yes. All customer-created pathways are retained year-over-year. When we clear out student data over the summer, Teacher and Administrator accounts remain along with the custom pathways they created.  After the new school year begins, the pathways will be there for you to assign to next year's students.

10. Can custom pathways be shared with other educators?

In some cases, yes. Each user role in Imagine Math can view and assign a different set of pathways:

  • Created by Teacher: May only be accessed by the creator
  • Created by School Administrator: May be accessed by the creator and all Teachers within their school
  • Created by District Administrator: May be accessed by the creator, the School Administrator, and all Teachers in the district
  • Created by Customer Administrator: May be accessed by the creator, the District Administrator, the School Administrator, and all Teachers in the district