Three ways to add educator accounts in the Imagine Math suite


This article applies to Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts.

Educators are individuals who use the educator portal to manage students, access Teacher Resources, and view student data and reports. Each educator needs their own account in order to log in and look at the data of the students under their purview. Educators can be administrators, teachers, interventionists, coordinators, or other specialists, but in the portal, they are designated as Teachers, School Administrators, District Administrators, or. in rare instances, Customer Administrators. Each type of educator has different account permissions based on their role. 

Usually, creating educator accounts is done as part of the initial rostering process performed by administrators or IT staff. However, Administrators may also add staff accounts throughout the year using any of the following methods:

Method Definition
Invitation You send educators an email and they click on the link to enter their account and establish their own password.
Add educator accounts individually

You type in the following information for each educator one at a time:

  • first and last name
  • email address
  • password 

You add educators to classes as a separate step.

Add educator accounts through bulk import You upload multiple educators' information via a CSV file:
  • first and last name
  • email address

Educators receive an email and set up their own password.

The CSV file you import also includes the primary classroom to which you will assign each educator.


  • When you see Managed by SIS next to accounts or classes, it means that your district uses a Student Information System (SIS) integration tool to manage accounts. Contact your district's IT staff for help adding teacher accounts via the file synchronization process.
  • Imagine Math requires each educator to have a unique email address specific for each role that they are assigned. For example, if you have an educator who performs the duties of both a School Administrator and Teacher, you'll need to create multiple accounts for them, each one with its own unique email address. Use a secondary or personal email address when creating multiple accounts for a single user, and be sure it is a valid email address so that password resets can occur if needed.
  • Likewise, In the Imagine Math suite, educator accounts can only be assigned to one school/organization. If you need to assign an educator to more than one school, create a separate account for each school. 
  • One possible workaround when creating multiple accounts is to use your school's email domain and add +admin or +school (or + any combination of letters/numbers) to the end of the name portion of the address. For example, a teacher can have a teacher role account with their actual school email and an administrator account using +admin; i.e. and Both of these addresses will deliver email to This tip may not work will all email domains, so be sure to send yourself a test email with the modified email address and verify it works before creating an Imagine Math account with it.