Inviting educators to the Imagine Math suite


This article applies to Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts.

One of the 3 ways to add educators to the Imagine Math portal is through an invitation. If you're an Administrator, you can invite other administrators and teachers to set up their new account in the Imagine Math portal. With this method, Imagine Math sends an automated email to the educator's email address that you specify. The educators then click the link in the email to set up their account, which involves choosing a password and logging in.

You can invite one teacher or administrator at a time, or you can invite multiple teachers at once.  When you invite a single teacher, you must take the additional step of adding the teacher to a classroom. When you invite multiple teachers, Imagine Math automatically assigns the teacher to the primary class that you designate.


If your district is managed by a SIS (Student Information System) integration tool, invite one administrator at a time.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have the correct email address for each educator you want to invite. Once an email address is used to create an account, it cannot be used again to make another account. If you need to send an additional invitation to an existing invitee, you'll need to enter a different email address in order to send the invitation.
  • If you are inviting multiple teachers at once, you will also need to know the teachers' primary classroom name.

Click the applicable tab to begin adding educators.

Individual Invites Bulk Invites

To invite one educator at a time:


You can invite teachers and school administrators via this method.

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math suite
  2. In the Management portion of the left navigation pane, click Educators.
  3. Click Invite Educators.
  4. Enter the invitee's first name, last name, and email address.


  5. Select the School that you're inviting them to in the drop-down list. If you're a School Administrator, this automatically defaults to your school.
  6. Select the invitee's Educator Role in the drop-down list. Educator Roles can be Administrator or Teacher.
  7. Click Send Invite.
  8. Receive a confirmation.