Creating an Assignment

Educators can use the Assignment Builder to create and assign lessons to any student in their classes.

To create an assignment

  1. Click Assignment Builder.
  2. Enter a Subject and Enrolled Grade, then click Access Lesson Explorer.
  3. Use the Search Bar and Filter options to find lessons.
  4. Select lessons to add, then click Add To Assignment Folder.


    Click a lesson to open the Lesson Details page to preview lesson activities and download lesson resources.


  5. Click New Assignment Folder.
  6. Enter a name for the Folder and click Save.
  7. Grab and drag the lessons to edit the order in which students receive the lessons.
  8. Click Save & Close to save the folder and assign lessons later, or click Assign to assign lessons right away.

To apply assignments to students

Use the Assignment Wizard to continue with the following steps to define the selected assignment.

  1. Click Select Full Class to assign lessons to all students in the class, or click a class name to open the option to select individual students. You can also use the search to find students.assgnmnt_wizard_assgn_stds.png
  2. Verify the correct students were added to the Selected Students column on the right side of the page, then click Next.
  3. Create a unique name for the assignment for students to identify, then choose Select due date for the assignment. Assigning a due date is optional. If you do not wish to assign a due date, select No due date, and click Next.


    Assignments with a due date remain active for students who have not completed the assignment.


  4. Select an assignment icon.


    Assignment icons can be used as a visual identifier for students who may have trouble reading assignment titles. Icons are unique to each subject and are only required if any of the selected students are in K-12.


  5. Make any necessary changes, verify the information is correct, then click Finish


    Teachers can edit students, assignment names, assignment icons, and due dates. Lessons cannot be added or removed. To add or remove lessons, navigate back to Assignment Folder.


  6. A confirmation message appears. Click Assignment Summary Page to view or edit the assignment. The assignment appears for students upon their next login.