Using the School Administrator (2+ schools) Dashboard

The School Administrator landing page contains useful information and links.  

When a School Administrator logs in, the first page they see is the Landing Page.



Letter Title Description 
A Login URL School Administrators can click View Login URL to view and copy the login URL for MyPath.
B User's Name and Profile The School Administrator's name appears here. Click the arrow to open your profile page, or log out of MyPath. 
C School Names List of schools to which the School Administrator has access to. 

Select one to view the educators and students in the school. 
D Left SideBar (LSB)

The left side bar (LSB) buttons provide quick access to the pages of features and data needed. The LSB is “static,” which means the buttons do not change. The LSB will be present on each page, and the buttons listed are applicable for School Administrators.

E Help Click the Help icon to access the Help Center for MyPath.