Using the teacher dashboard in Imagine MyPath

Teachers will land on the Classes page upon logging in. Use the left navigation bar to access various other program features.

teacher dashboard mypath.png

Each option of the left navigation bar is defined in the table below.

Option Description

View all your assigned classes and their subjects. In the top right corner of this page, you can toggle between tile view and list view or download a CSV file of the classes.
classes toggle.png
Click on a class tile (in tile view) or class name (in list view) to go to the Class Summary and access other class-level information.
class summary.png


You can create a class through the tools in the Product Portal.


View the settings and schedules your administrators have determined for your organization's selected assessment/placement provider.
assessments in mypath.png


Access a list of students, search for a particular student, and/or download a list of students. 
student roster.png

Click the name of a student to access the student's profile, the classes they are in, and their progress.
students in mypath.png


Adding new students can be done in the Product Portal. Most edits to student accounts are also performed in the Product Portal.

Assignment Builder Access the interface to create and assign assignments outside of/in addition to students' automated learning paths.
assignment builder mypath.png
IL Product

The IL Product button (IL Product img.png) returns you to the Product Portal, where you can select another product or access manual rostering tools.

Resource Center

The Resource Center (question_mark_upd.png) includes announcements about new features, Help Center resources, an option to connect with your peers, and details for accessing support.


When you access the Help Center from within Imagine MyPath, you gain permission to view all articles available in the Help Center. (If you don't go through the Resource Center to get to the Help Center, most articles about reports will be hidden and inaccessible.)

The top of your teacher dashboard provides the functionality explained in the table below.
top of teacher dashboard.png

Feature Description
Link to Site Code 

Click View Site Code at the top right of the screen to view and copy the site code for MyPath. You can provide this code to students to help them log in. 

Username drop-down menu

Click the arrow to choose to view your Educator Profile or to log out.