Adding new educator accounts (New rostering experience)


The steps in this article apply only if you have selected to self-roster accounts individually.

This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine Language & Literacy, Imagine Español, Imagine Reading, and Imagine Lectura
  • Imagine Galileo K–12
  • Imagine MyPath, Imagine Science Corner, Imagine Purpose

Administrators are the only users that can add new educator accounts in the products listed above. They can add educators as either Admins or Teachers.

To add a new educator account:

  1. Log in to the Product Portal and click Users & Classes/Groups.
    users and classes_groups.png
  2. Click Add, then select Add Educator.
    add educator.png
  3. Fill out the fields in the Add Educator window.
    add educator thomas moogan.png

    The table below explains each field. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).
    Field Description
    First Name* Enter the educator's first name(s).
    Last Name* Enter the educator's last name(s).
    Educator Type*

    Select Admin or Teacher from the drop-down menu. Designating someone as a School Administrator or a District Administrator is based on the organizations to which the educator is assigned.

    A School Administrator can only add other School Administrators to their same school; a District Administrator can select which school(s) to assign each educator. If they assign the educator to all of the available schools, then the person becomes a District Administrator.
    educator type.png

    Username* Enter a valid email address for the educator. They will have to click the link in an email that gets sent to this address in order to verify their account and set up their password. 
    External Assigned ID This is an optional field. If you use a SIS, you can enter the External ID associated with this educator. It will display in the educator's account, but it will not display in reports within Imagine Learning products.
    Organizations* Select the school(s) to which the educator will be assigned.
    School Administrators: You will only be able to select your own school.
    District Administrators: You may select 1 or more schools within your district; click the magnifying glass to access the list of schools.
    Classes/Groups This is an optional field upon creating the educator's account, but eventually you must assign Teachers their classes/groups so they can view their students and their students' data. [Administrators will automatically be able to view data for all classes/groups in their assigned school(s).]

    Click the magnifying glass to access a list of available classes/groups. If you haven't yet created the class/group, you can add the educator to it during the class/group creation process or by editing the educator's account after the class/group is made. 
    magnifying glass for class group.png
  4. Do one of the following:
    Action Steps
    To save the educator's account and exit the Add Educator modal Click Save at the bottom of the tab.
    save student.png

    To save the educator's account and add another Click Save & Add Another at the bottom of the tab, then repeat steps 3 and 4.
    save educator and add another.png
  5. The educator(s) you've added will receive an email with instructions on setting their password.
  6. The new educators now appear in the list on the Educators tab. Click the three dots if you need to edit or delete an educator's account or send a password reset email
    list of educators.png