Viewing Imagine Galileo Benchmark Results Reports

The Benchmark Results report provides Administrators and Teachers with each student’s results on each benchmark assessment. You can access the Class Development Profile Grid, Instruction Performance Tracker report, and Item Analysis report from the Benchmark Results report. 

To view Benchmark Results reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo
  2. Click Assessment > Test Results > Benchmark Results.


  3. District Administrators, School Administrators, or other district- or school-level users with access to more than one school, use the School drop-down to select the applicable school. If you are a Teacher, skip to step 4.


  4. Use the Class drop-down to select the applicable class to run a report.


  5. Use the Library drop-down to select the applicable library to run a report.


    Use the ILD Assessment Planner for all ELA assessments.


  6. Use the Subject drop-down to select the applicable subject to run a report.


  7. The Benchmark Results report will automatically generate after you have selected the subject. The report is divided into a Reports tab and a Benchmark Summary tab. Click the tabs below to see the information included in each report tab. 
Reports Benchmark Summary
View the table below for a description of each section of the report.


Heading Description
Test Grid The Test Grid provides testing data to compare multiple benchmark tests at the same time.


You will only have access to the Test Grid if you have administered multiple Benchmark Tests.

Class Development Profile Grid  Click Class Development Profile Grid to see a list of performance levels of each student in a class on each standard that was tested on the selected assessment.
Detailed Analysis Click Detailed Analysis to see the percentage of students who correctly answered each item, a breakdown of student responses for each answer choice as well as the breakdown of student responses by percentile rank, and additional student information. This report helps teachers create intervention groups based on how students did on each test item.
Risk Level The Risk Level report identifies standards and specific students teachers can target for instruction. Click the risk level number to view the Instruction Performance Tracker report