Viewing Imagine Galileo Aggregate Test Score Reports

The Aggregate test score report provides District Administrators, School Administrators, and other district and school-level users the student count, average raw score, and average percent correct for their organization, a particular school, or a particular class. You can print the Class Development Profile Grid report for each class by clicking the Development Profile Grid link from the Aggregate Test Score report. 

To view Aggregate Test Score reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Test Scores > Aggregate Test Scores.reports_aggregate_test_scores.png
  3. District Administrators, School Administrators, or other district- or school-level users with access to more than one school, select the applicable School to generate a report. Teachers or other class-level users skip to step 4.


  4. Use the Library drop-down menu to select the library that contains the applicable test to generate a report.


  5. Use the down arrow on the Test drop-down menu to select the applicable test to generate a report.


  6. (Optional) Uncheck the Gender you would like to exclude from the report.


  7. (Optional) Use the Student Information drop-down to select the Form that contains the applicable fields to filter as you run this report. If a Student Information form was selected, select the applicable variables to filter by clicking the appropriate check box. The demographic options that you can select from are determined by the rostering method that your organization uses. 
  8. Click Run Report.


  9. The Aggregate Test Score Report shows the class, the average raw score, and the percentage of correct answers submitted by students. Click Development Profile Grid to see the class's Development Profile Grid report.