Overview of Imagine Galileo reports

Imagine Galileo K-12 allows users to generate various reports that are intended to give educators valuable information about students, learning, teaching, and progress. Imagine Galileo keeps an electronic history of student data, enabling users to generate reports for any date in time for which data was recorded. In Imagine Galileo, an educator's user level determines the report to which a user has access.  


Library permissions impact user visibility into reports. To view each report, you must have at least results-only access to the library where the assessment is stored.


Report Aggregation


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School Administrator

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District Administrator

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Individual report
Class report
Multi-class report
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District report    


Imagine Galileo reports based on raw scores are available immediately in Imagine Galileo when tests are administered online or once offline tests have been graded. Reports based on Developmental Level (DL) scores are available once an Item Response Theory (IRT) analysis is performed by Imagine Learning. Your organization's Imagine Galileo Administrator should enter state testing data for forecasting prior to administering any tests. 

Report Description Benchmark Assessments Formative Assessments
Aggregate Multi-Test 

Illustrates progress for a group of students as reflected in performance across a series of benchmark assessments that have been placed on a common scale.

Aggregate Test Scores

Provides the student count, average raw score, and average percent correct for an organization, a particular school, or a particular class. 


Assessment History

Provides an overview of a student’s performance on all assessments (benchmark, formative, external) across multiple years. This report shows the raw score and percent correct on all Imagine Galileo assessments that are listed. For benchmark assessments, the report also lists the student’s Developmental Level (DL) score, and percentile rank. 

Benchmark Performance Levels

Arranges student progress on a series of benchmark assessments that have been placed on a common scale and displays the students' Developmental Level (DL) score and performance level relative to the cut score on each assessment taken. 


Benchmark Results

Provides teachers with results for each student in a class on each benchmark assessment.


Benchmark Results by Groups

Enables viewing a list of each benchmark test administered during a school year. The report includes the percentage and the total number of students who have passed or have not passed each benchmark test, and an Instructional Effectiveness (IE) assessment. Enables viewing the percentage of students in specific subgroups that have passed the benchmark test. 


Class Development Profile Grid

Provides the mastery category of each student in a class on each standard that was tested on an assessment.

Custom Test Report

Enables exporting a Custom Test Report as a single file that contains data for multiple tests from selected schools or an entire organization. 

Dashboard Access

The Admin Dashboard provides access to four popular reporting sections; Categorical Growth Summary, Risk Level Summary, Student Growth, and Achievement report, and Benchmark Performance Levels report. 

The Teacher Dashboard is the most commonly used Dashboard for Teachers and other class-level users. Allows scheduling events, creating tests and lessons, viewing test results, and quickly accessing roster and student passwords. 

Development Profile

Provides the number or percent of each student in each mastery category for the selected assessments.

Development Summary

Provides student groups a series of four aggregated scores that summarize student progress including a Development Level Score, a Percentile Rank, a Standard Score, and a Normal Curve Equivalent Score.

Dialog Monitoring Allows viewing student progress on a Dialog in real-time.  
Distractor Analysis Provides the percentage of students who correctly answered each item on a test, and a breakdown of student responses for each test item and answer choice.
Formative Results Provides results for formative assessments for each student in the class.  
Individual Development Profile Provides an outline of performance on standards assessed for a selected student.   
Individual Development Summary Shows four scores summarizing student progress. Three of the scores are norm-referenced scores, and one is a path-referenced score.   
Instruction Performance Tracker Provides lists of the standards measured on benchmark assessments, and scheduling of quizzes for students.   
Intervention Alert Provides each student's mastery category for every standard, with links to follow-up assignments and quizzes. Also includes the percentage of students who have demonstrated mastery of each standard on the test for the class, school, and district overall.
Item Analysis, Distractor Analysis, Detailed Item Analysis Provides the percentage of students who correctly answered each item, a breakdown of student responses for each answer choice, and the breakdown of student responses by percentile rank.
Risk Level Summary Helps identify students who are at risk of not mastering their grade-level content standards or not demonstrating proficiency toward the state standardized assessments if state forecasting test data has been provided.  
Student Growth and Achievement Cross-classifies student performance by student achievement and student growth.    
Student Multi-Test Allows comparing an individual student’s performance on a series of tests placed on a common scale.   
Test Blueprint Summarizes the concepts and standards included in an assessment along with information about the items that assess each standard.
Test Monitoring Allows the teacher to monitor student testing in real-time and indicates which questions each student has answered, what the student's answers were, and whether the student got the answer right or wrong, along with aggregated data for the class.
Testing Activity Displays the tests administered during a selected time period. 
Unanswered Items Report Lists students who have not answered all the test items on a test.
Writing Test Scores Provides student performance on Imagine Galileo Writing Benchmark Tests.