Viewing Imagine Galileo Individual Development Profiles

The Individual Development Profile report provides Administrators and Teachers an outline of performance on standards assessed for a selected student. This report can be generated for single or multiple assessments. Data displayed includes standard(s) assessed, percentage correct, and performance levels from selected assessment(s). The Individual Development Profile report provides the same information as the Development Summary but for a specified student. This report can be generated on a single test or on numerous tests taken so that the accomplishment of a whole range of standards can be evaluated. The Individual Development Profile shows how a particular student performed on specific standards on a test. Individual Development Profiles are also available in the K-12 Student-Parent Center.

To view Individual Development Profiles

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Standards Mastery > Individual Development Profile.


  3. District Administrators, School Administrators, or other District-level or School-level users with access to more than one school, select the applicable School to generate a report. If you are a Teacher or other class-level user, skip to step 4.


  4. Select the applicable Class to generate a report.


  5. Select the applicable Student(s) to generate a report. You can select an individual student or all students.


  6. Choose the Library that contains the applicable test to run a report.chooseLibraryIDP.png
  7. Double-click a test in the Select test box or select a test and use the single right arrow ( singleArrowIDP.png ) to move a single test or double right arrows ( doubleArroIDP.png ) to move all tests. (Optional) If additional tests are in a different library, change the test Library and select those test(s). If you decide you want to remove a test from the selected tests, click on the test and click the X.


  8. Click Run Report to run the report or click Print Report to open a PDF copy of the report to print or save.


    Print Report is the only option to view the report if you selected all students in step 5.


Interpreting the Individual Development Profile

The Individual Development Profile provides information about each student's performance on the tests you selected. Use the table below the sample Individual Development Profile for information about the report. 


Heading Description


A comparison of the number of correct students' answers to the number of questions on the test.


The percentage of correct answers the student submitted on the test.


The standards covered on the test(s). If you have selected more than one test, the number in red to the right of the standard shows the test in which the standard was assessed.


The status section of the report provides the student's test performance level.

Percentage Correct

The Percentage Correct sections show the percentage of correct answers a student provided on each standard.