Viewing Imagine Galileo Test Blueprint Reports

Administrators and Teachers can use the Test Blueprint report to see a summary of the concepts and standards included in the assessment. For each standard, this report lists the number of items the organization targeted for inclusion, the number of items included on the test, the percentage these items comprise of the total number of items on the test, and the specific item numbers of those items on the test. The report also indicates the percentage of items related to each concept. You can run a  Blueprint report for any assessment including benchmark assessments and formative tests.

To view Test Blueprint reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Test Properties > Test Blueprint.


  3. Use the Library and Tests drop-down lists to select the applicable library and test to run a report.


  4. (Optional) Check Show alternate standards.


  5. Click Run Report.


  6. The Test Blueprint report shows the concept(s) and standard(s) that are assessed on the test. Use the table below the report for information on each section of the Blueprint Report. 


    Item Description
    # on AP For internal use only.
    # on Test The number of test questions students receive that assess the given standard.
    % on Test The percentage of the test questions that assess the given standard.

    The total amount of points a student can earn by correctly answering all of the questions for the given standard.

    Item Numbers

    The test item numbers that assess the given standard.