Using mixed assessment providers with Imagine Math

During the Imagine Math implementation process, District Administrators must choose an assessment type. Imagine Math integrates with two types of assessments the Imagine Math embedded Benchmark Tests and the NWEA™ MAP® Math Growth Assessments. The embedded Benchmark Test is the default unless your organization chooses to implement the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment or a mix of both assessments.

When a district desires both types of assessments, Imagine Math provides a blended assessment model  via the NWEA auto-integration so that one school can have a different assessment provider than another school within the same district. This level of flexibility is also available per grade level within a district. For example, a district may use the Imagine Math Benchmark for Grades PreK-1 and NWEA for Grades 2-8. 


NWEA is unavailable for PreK students. PreK students will take the Embedded Benchmark.

To work with mixed assessment providers:

  1. Log in to the Math Suite.
  2. If your organization is using NWEA MAP integration with Imagine Math, the Benchmark section of your dashboard has a link to the NWEA Growth Assessment portal.

    - To view data for the  Imagine Math embedded Benchmark Tests, click the Benchmark heading.

    - To view data for the NWEA MAP Assessments, access the NWEA login by clicking the NWEA link (NWEA_Multiple7.png).


  3. The NWEA label and/or alert message that your organization is using NWEA appears in the following places in Imagine Math:

    Home page


    Benchmark report header



    Students utilizing the NWEA MAP auto-integration are still listed in the Benchmark report and the Benchmark Roster. No data is available for them but their names display.

  4. Within Imagine Math, both Imagine Math Benchmark Pathways and NWEA Instructional Pathways are accessible under Content > Learning Pathways


  5. The Student Progress report is different for NWEA students and embedded Benchmark students in Grades 3 and up. For NWEA users, the Usage Since Last Benchmark and Benchmark Details sections will always be blank.
  6. Assessment-related fields will not populate in the Student Data Export for NWEA students.