Administering the Imagine Math Grade 3+ Benchmark Tests

Imagine Math Grade 3+ provides 3 Benchmark Tests throughout the school year to help assess and measure student progress. Students receive Benchmark Test 1 the first time they log in to Imagine Math Grade 3+. Benchmark Test 1 is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. Benchmark Test 2 or 3 are not mandatory and must be assigned by a School Administrator or Educator. Imagine Math recommends that you administer each Benchmark Test at least 90 days apart. Here's a list of what to do before students log in to Imagine Math, how to introduce students to the Benchmark Test, and what to do during the Benchmark Test. If you run into problems during the Benchmark Test, check the Troubleshooting section for help.

Educators should plan on 20-40 minutes to administer the Benchmark Test. Imagine Math recommends that students complete the Benchmark Test in a single testing session, but Benchmark Tests can be administered over multiple sessions if needed. If a student logs out of the Benchmark Test, their submitted answers will be saved and they can resume the Benchmark Test the next time they log in.

Before students log in to Imagine Math

  1. Prepare your device or laptop hardware. Students using Imagine Math should be using devices that they are familiar with, if possible. For more information, see Imagine Math System Requirements.
  2. Print Start Cards. Students will need their start card to access the Benchmark Test. Print a start card for each student so they know how to log in to Imagine Math. For more information, see Printing Start Cards.
  3. Change students' support language, if necessary. By default, students hear the Benchmark Test in English. You can change the support language so that a student hears instructions for the Benchmark Test in Spanish. For instructions on changing a student's support language, see Editing student account information. 

Introducing students to the Benchmark Test

  1. Show students how to log in. Use a projector or smartboard to show students the Imagine Math login screen and how to enter their username and password exactly as it appears on their start card. Show students how to use the Show (icon_eye.jpg) icon above the Password field to show their password as they type it. Allow extra time to help students who may need help logging in. 


  2. Explain to students why they need to complete the Benchmark Test. This sample script may be useful and can be adapted to suit your specific situation.

    The next time you log in to Imagine Math, you'll see a test. It will help me see how much you’ve learned. Keep your eyes on your own screen. If you don’t know the answer to a question, just try your best and go on to the next question. If you need help, raise your hand quietly and I will come to help you.

During the Benchmark Test

  1. Allow adequate time for students to complete the Benchmark Test. Educators should plan on at least 25 minutes to administer the Benchmark Test. Because the Benchmark Tests are adaptive, students may take anywhere from 20-60 minutes to complete the test, depending on their skill level. 
  2. Monitor students as they take the Benchmark Test. Monitor students as they take the Benchmark Test and encourage them to stay on task. Watch for students who are clicking through test questions without reading them. Encourage these students to read each item carefully and provide their best guess on a question even if they do not know the answer. Ensure that students do not receive help answering test questions.

    Parents who are monitoring their students at home should not help their students during the Benchmark Test. Students who receive help on the Benchmark Test will be improperly placed in Imagine Math. For more information about using Imagine Math at home, see Using Imagine Math at home.

  3. Allow students to continue working in Imagine Math lessons once they finish the Benchmark Test. Some students may finish the Benchmark Test before their classmates. Allow these students to continue working in Imagine Math lessons until the testing session ends. 
  4. Check Benchmark Test results. After students complete the Benchmark Test, Educators can view student test results. For more information, see Reviewing student Benchmark Test results in Imagine Math Grade 3+.


Here are some solutions to problems that you might encounter when administering the Benchmark Test.

My student doesn't hear any sound.

Check the volume settings to ensure that the volume is turned up. Make sure the student's headphones are plugged into the right jack or USB port.


I lost Internet connectivity during the Benchmark Test.

If you lose Internet connectivity during the Benchmark Test, reconnect your device. This may also require restarting your student's device. Your student will automatically begin where they left off when the device lost its Internet connection. 

The computer froze while my student was taking the Benchmark Test.

If your student's computer freezes during the Benchmark Test, close the current browser window and log in to Imagine Math again. Your student will automatically begin where they left off when the computer froze.

I enabled Spanish language support, but test questions are still being read to my students in English. 

When you enable Spanish as the student's support language, Imagine Math provides the test instructions in Spanish. The student must click Spanish on the right side of the test screen to hear the test question in Spanish.

Students are still being given the opportunity to use the calculator even though it has been disabled.

Even though the calculator may have been disabled for the student, it will still appear on certain questions on the Benchmark test where it has been deemed necessary by our partner, MetaMetrics.