Student experience in the Imagine Math 3+ Benchmark test


This article does not apply to students taking the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment.

The first time non-NWEA™ students in Grades 3 and up log in to Imagine Math, they start the Imagine Math 3+ Benchmark 1 test. Later in the year as soon as Benchmarks 2 and/or 3 are assigned to them, they will finish whatever question they were currently working on and then that lesson will be interrupted and students will be directed to the Benchmark instead.

Recognizing the screens and notifications your students see will help you monitor when students start a Benchmark, navigate the test, answer different question types, and complete the test.

Because the Benchmark test adapts to each student's skill level, you should plan on 20-40 minutes to administer it. Imagine Learning recommends that you have students take the test in one testing session, but the Benchmark can be administered over multiple sessions if needed. If a student logs out of the Benchmark, the answers they've submitted are saved and they can resume the test the next time they log in.

The test is not timed; students can take as long as they need to respond to each question. However, the program does time out after 10 minutes of idle time.

After students complete the Benchmark test, you can view student results. Test results can take up to three hours to appear. If a student receives a Benchmark score that doesn't seem appropriate for their skill level, School Administrators and Teachers can reassign the test and have the student retake it. 


Students should not receive any assistance while taking the Imagine Math Benchmark. Helping students during the Benchmark can cause students to be placed incorrectly in the curriculum (in lessons that are too difficult for them).

Starting the Imagine Math 3+ Benchmark Test

The first time students log into Imagine Math 3+, the Benchmark is automatically delivered to them. They click Start to begin the test.


Navigating the Imagine Math 3+ Benchmark Test

The Benchmark includes the following navigational tools to help students effectively navigate the test.

Icon Description
mceclip2.png Students click Clear to clear their current answer so they can select a new answer.


Students can only clear their answer before they click Submit.

mceclip3.png Students click Submit to submit their answer to the question. This button appears gray if no answer choice has been selected.
mceclip1.png Students click the Speaker icon to hear the question read to them.  
mceclip0.png Students click Next to go to the next question. This button appears gray if the current question has not yet been submitted.
studentExperienceMath3_ReferenceButtonWithCalc.png Students click Reference to access a calculator and a glossary. The glossary provides definitions for math terms that students may see during the Benchmark.
studentExperienceMath3_LanguageButton.png Students click Language to hear test questions in English or Spanish. Test questions displayed on the screen are always displayed in English.

Imagine Math Grade 3+ Benchmark Test Questions

The Benchmark test includes 30 questions. These are some example question types that students may encounter.

Geometry question type

Students determine which triangle is a right triangle. 


Graph question type

Students use information from a graph to answer a question. 


Fraction question type

Students match the correct fraction with the image.  


Finishing the Benchmark Test

After students answer the last question on the Benchmark test, they see a message that they've earned 250 THINK Points for completing the test.