Student experience in the Imagine Math PreK-2 Benchmark Test

The first time PreK-2 students log in to Imagine Math, they see an introductory lesson that explains how Imagine Math PreK-2 works and then they see their first lesson for their rostered grade level. After PreK-2 students complete these initial lessons, they automatically receive the Imagine Math PreK-2 Benchmark Test 1. As students take Benchmark Test 1, they see different screens and hear different instructions as they complete the test. Recognizing these screens and instructions helps Educators and School Administrators monitor when students start a Benchmark Test, answer different question types, and complete the test.

After students complete the Benchmark Test, Administrators and Educators can view student results. Test results can take up to 3 hours to appear. If a student receives a Benchmark Test score that doesn't seem appropriate for their skill level, School Administrators and Educators can reassign the Benchmark Test 1 to the student to retake it or invalidate the results from Benchmark Test 2 or 3.


Imagine Math provides 3 Benchmark Tests administered throughout the year to assess student growth. Imagine Learning recommends that you administer all 3 Benchmark Tests; Benchmark Test 1 is required and automatically assigned, but Benchmark Test 2 and 3 are not required and must be assigned by a School Administrator or Educator.


Students who take the Imagine Math PreK-2 Benchmark Test at home should not receive any assistance while taking the test. Helping students during the Benchmark Test places students incorrectly in Imagine Math. For more information about using Imagine Math at home, see Using Imagine Math PreK-2 at home.

Starting the Imagine Math PreK-2 Benchmark Test

Students start the Benchmark Test by clicking the Home icon in the middle of the map. When a Benchmark Test is required or has been assigned, the Home icon is the only icon available for students to click.


The Benchmark Test looks and sounds like the lessons they see in Imagine Math PreK-2, except that students receive neutral feedback (instead of the instructional feedback they receive during lessons) while they work on the test. Students see a Test in Progress message at the top of their screen while they work on the Benchmark Test.  


Understanding the Benchmark Test sub-tests

The Benchmark Test adapts to each student's skill level, beginning with questions that are appropriate for the student's rostered grade level. The Benchmark Test includes different question types from these 3 different sub-tests.

  • Counting, Cardinality, and Numbers in Base 10
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Geometry, Measurement, and Data

After students complete questions from one Benchmark sub-test, they return to the map where they click the Home icon to start a new sub-test.

These are some example question types that students may encounter. Administrators and Educators can also preview sample Benchmark Test questions in the Lesson Explorer.

Counting, Cardinality, and Numbers in Base 10 question type

Students drag the numbers at the bottom of the screen to the path to create the correct number sequence.


Addition and Subtraction question type

Students hear an addition problem and then create the number sequence for that problem and calculate the correct answer.


Geometry, Measurement, and Data question type

Students drag the ruler to the shape to measure it and record their answer.


Finishing the Benchmark Test

After students finish the Benchmark Test, they return to the map where they can click on any icon to continue working in Imagine Math.