Viewing Dialog Monitoring Reports in Imagine Galileo

The Dialog Monitoring reports allow users to monitor student progress on a Dialog while the Dialog is in session. Administrators and Teachers are able to view up-to-date information on how students are answering the questions while completing the Dialog. 

To view Dialog Monitoring reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Monitoring > Dialog Monitoring.


  3. Select Class or Intervention Group.chooseClassIntervetionDM.png

    If you select Class, are a District Administrator or other district-level user, School Administrator or school-level user with access to more than one school, select the School and Class for which you want to view a Dialog Monitoring report. If you are a Teacher or other class-level user select the class for which you want to view a Dialog Monitoring report.   

    If you select Intervention Group select the Intervention Group Library and the Intervention Group. 

  4. Select the Dialog for which you want to review a report.


  5. (Optional) Place or remove the checkmark for Show Content Slides. By default, Show Content Slides is selected. Unchecking the box allows you to filter the report to show students who have completed the report.


  6. (Optional) Click Show Names or Show Student IDs. By default, Show Names is selected.


  7. (Optional) Click Refresh Data while monitoring the dialog administration in real time.


  8. (Optional) Click Start Dialog to view the Dialog that is in progress.


  9. (Optional) Click Monitor Test to access the Test Monitoring report.


  10. Enter a student's name in the Search field to search for an individual student.


  11. Click the Save As Excel link to generate an Excel version of the report.


  12. Click Print (printIconDM.png ) to create a PDF copy of the report.clickPrintDM.png
  13. To sort Name, Dialog Status, and Points columns click the column’s up/down arrows.filterArrowDM.png
  14. Use the table below the report for a description of each section of the report. 


    Term Description
    Name The student's name.
    Completion Status A checkmark appears if the student has completed the dialog. Nothing appears if the student has not completed the dialog. 
    Points The total number of points the student has earned out of the total number of points possible and the percentage.
    Number Shows whether the student accessed the Dialog slide or how the student answered a feedback slide item. Content viewed (blueCheckDM.png ), Not Viewed (blackXDM.png) , Correct Answer (greenBox.png ), Incorrect Answer (redBox.png), Partial Credit (ltgreenbox.png), Ready for Scoring (yellwoBox.png), Not Answered (notasnweredDM.png), and Dialog Complete (dialogCompleteDM.png) .
    Number Link Click the Dialog item # link to display the standard, depth of knowledge, and Dialog item. Click View Responses to view students’ responses, points earned, and scoring rubrics. Depending on your library permissions, the item may be viewed, and/or Earned Points may be entered. Open response answers may be printed using the printer icon.