Assigning/unassigning product access to students in the Imagine Math suite

In order for students to log in to the Math portal and begin work, students must be assigned to Imagine Math and/or Imagine Math Facts. Assigning Imagine Math access to a student automatically places them in either the Imagine Math PreK-2 environment or the Imagine Math 3+ environment based on their rostered grade level.

Administrators can edit product access for all students in their organization, and Teachers can edit product access for any student assigned to their group(s).


To assign/unassign Imagine Math or Imagine Math Facts product access:

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math suite.
  2. Under the Management tab, click Students.

  3. Select one or more students and click Edit Products


  4. The Product Assignment window opens. In this example, the student currently has Imagine Math but not Imagine Math Facts. 
  5. Check the boxes for the program you wish to assign to the student and then click Save


    To unassign product access, follow the steps above but uncheck the box for the applicable program instead of checking it.