Switching a student's environment in Imagine Math

Environments in Imagine Math

Imagine Math is delineated into two student environments, Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math 3+. The environment to which a student is assigned is based on their rostered grade level. It opens when the student logs into Imagine Math, and they will not be able to view or enter the other environment.

Environment Assignment/Restrictions

When a student is created in Imagine Math, they are assigned based on their rostered grade level to either PreK-2 or Grade 3+

Students assigned to Imagine Math PreK-2 display an Environment of Blueprint in their account in the educator portal. 


Students assigned to Imagine Math 3+ display an Environment of Imagine Math.

Once a student's account has been created, their environment cannot be changed within the educator portal. After students begin using Imagine Math, if you feel that the other environment is more appropriate for a particular student, a new account must be created for that student, and no data from the old account will transfer over to the new one. 

  • If your school rosters students manually, you must create a new account for the student by assigning them a grade level that matches the new environment even though it is not their actual rostered grade. You may then delete the old account after first saving a copy of the Student Progress report and any other data you wish to refer to later.

  • If you use a Student Information System such as Clever or ClassLink to manage student accounts, contact Imagine Learning Product Support for assistance in moving individual students between environments. 

Generally speaking, Imagine Learning does not recommend changing a student's environment. Some possible exceptions are:

  • Excelling Grade 2 students who have reached or are approaching third-grade Math content. Although Imagine Math 3+ does contain some second-grade content, it isn't nearly as robust as the second-grade content for Imagine Math PreK-2. The second-grade content in Imagine Math 3+ is better suited as remediation for struggling Grade 3 students, for whom it will be inserted in their pathway as precursor lessons. Be sure your student has mastered nearly all second-grade content before enrolling them in the Imagine Math 3+ environment.

  • Students enrolled in Imagine Math 3+ who require extra support for foundational math skills. Students who continue to test below grade level may be better-suited to the Imagine Math PreK-2 environment. If the student speaks Spanish, switching them to Imagine Math PreK-2 offers an additional advantage because the PreK-2 environment is fully available in Spanish.

For Grade 2 students who have finished the Imagine Math PreK-2 curriculum, we recommend supplementing the students' learning with offline materials such as printables from Imagine Math 3+ and the Grade 3 Application Tasks in lieu of moving students between environments. You can deduce if a student has completed all PreK-2 lessons from the Student Progress report.