Viewing testing status for Galileo ELA

Administrators can check the testing status of groups or classes in their school or district using the recommended Testing Activity tools.  Alternately, Administrators can view class and student testing status as a Teacher by using the recommended Test Monitoring method in the Teachers section.

Teachers can check the testing status of students assigned to begin the Benchmark tests by using the recommended Test Monitoring steps in the Teachers tab. 

Information on accessing a summary of analytics, student growth summary and achievement data, Benchmark performance levels, and teachers' growth category data for their assigned student groups is available in the Help Center.


Students are required to take a Galileo ELA Benchmark test before logging in to Imagine Language & Literacy for the first time. The data from this test is used to place the student within Imagine Language & Literacy. You can schedule the Galileo ELA Benchmark test for your desired testing dates. 

To check the testing status of the students assigned to you.

Administrators Teachers
  1. Log in to the Literacy Suite.  If this is your first time logging in, choose Assessment: Galileo  CLick_Galileo_Assessment_-_Dashboard_screen.png
  2. Click Testing Activity



    Select All Schools or select a specific school to view the testing activity. Filter by grade level and set your preferred date range. Select 1 of the 3 test types in the dropdown list, including All Tests, Only include benchmark tests, or Only include formative tests.
  3. Click Run Report.

Troubleshooting student status issues

My student can’t access their test.

Your students can only access their test inside the scheduled testing window that you select. 

  1. Confirm the test is currently scheduled on the Calendar for the student.
  2. The test must be unlocked. Students cannot access locked or submitted tests.
  3. Unlock tests on the Test Monitoring page.
My student receives a message that their test is paused.
This message appears if Allow Pause was enabled and the test timer paused by the Teacher. Students are redirected to the Student Center after pausing the timer and can only return to the test when a Teacher restarts the timer.
My student doesn't have a checkmark next to their name after submitting a test.
A checkmark appears when students respond to all of the test questions. If students in grades 2 and up submit a test, the test is accepted, even if all items are incomplete. A Teacher can also submit a student’s test from the Test Monitoring page even if the student has not responded to all the questions.
Why are some details and features not available to me on the Test Monitoring page?
The details and features on the Test Monitoring page depend on your role and permissions. For example, some Test Monitoring features are disabled if a test is not scheduled for your class. Some features are also disabled if you have  Read-Only or Write permissions for the test library.