Scheduling the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark using the Easy Benchmark Scheduler


This article does not apply to students taking the embedded Imagine Language & Literacy Benchmark or the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment. It only applies to students taking the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark in Imagine Language & Literacy (IL&L). If you aren't sure which assessment your school is using, read Checking which assessment option your organization is using.

With the Easy Benchmark Scheduler, Teachers and Administrators can quickly schedule grade-level Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark tests for any classes assigned to them.  


Imagine Galileo ELA formative tests for Math, Science, and Spanish cannot be scheduled using the Easy Benchmark Scheduler.

To schedule the Galileo ELA Benchmark Test using the Easy Benchmark Scheduler

  1. Log in the Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Benchmark Scheduler in the Quick Start section of the Imagine Language & Literacy dashboard.

  3. Enter the test dates for the Beginning, Middle, and End-of-Year Benchmark tests. You can choose a test date range that includes weekends, but tests will only be available to students on Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM local time.


    Tests scheduled using the Easy Benchmark Scheduler are scheduled with no password and no optional testing tools such as dictionary or text-to-speech.


  4. If you want, you can schedule a practice test before each Benchmark Test by clicking the toggle button next to Practice Test.
  5. Click Schedule to schedule the Benchmark Test.
  6. Click Confirm to confirm the time and dates for each Benchmark test that you have scheduled, or click Cancel to edit the schedule.