Using the Imagine Galileo Bulk Scheduler to Schedule a Test

The Bulk Scheduler in Imagine Galileo allows District Administrators and School Administrators to schedule grade-level tests (schedule benchmark tests), including interim assessments, assignments, units, and lesson plans across the organization, at selected schools, and for selected classes, as needed. To administer an assessment or assignment in Imagine Galileo, it must be scheduled. Once you have created your test, you can use the Bulk Schedule History to edit your testing dates and other test details.


Scheduling a test and assignment is based on the library permission (e.g. only District Administrators have Results Only permission to test libraries).

To bulk schedule a test

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Assessment > Test Scheduling > Bulk Scheduler.


  3. Use the Library drop-down list to select a test library.


  4. Select the relevant standards to generate test items to add to your test. Then click Next.


  5. Choose the School Type, and the School(s) you want to assign the test to, then click Next.


  6. Filter classes with any combination of Class Name and enrolled Student Grade Level. If your district or school uses multiple terms, the terms selected on the Settings page are used to filter the scheduled classes. Click Next.


  7. Select the class you want to assign the test to and the Instructor of Record. By default, the designated classroom teacher is selected. Click Next after selecting the school(s) and Instructor of record.


    When scheduling a test for under 1000 classes, the Instructor of Record selection is part of the bulk scheduling process. The scheduler may change the default Instructor of Record.

    When scheduling a test for over 1000 classes the scheduler cannot edit the Instructor of Record during the scheduling process. After scheduling the test, the Bulk Schedule History page is accessed, and editing (selection) is done. 

  8. Select the date, day, and time for administering the test, and then click Next.


  9. Review your testing options. You can adjust testing availability dates, password use, restrict grade levels, randomize items, allow the use of a translator, allow the use of a dictionary and thesaurus, allow the use of text-to-speech, enable test limit times, and choose to post student score and responses. When assigning a math test you have the option of allowing students to access a basic, scientific, or graphing calculator. After choosing applicable testing options, click Schedule Test.


    Term/Field Description
    Test Title Shows the name of the test.
    Test Availability Shows the dates the test is available to students. Click the calendar to adjust the dates.
    Password Uncheck the box to require that students add a password to access the test. By default, no password is needed. 
    Restrict Grade Level Allows restricting the test to only students within the test grade level. This supports teachers who have combination/mixed grade-level classes.
    Randomize items Click the box to randomize the questions students receive.


    Imagine Learning recommends randomizing the test questions if students are taking the Grade 2 or higher benchmark assessments online. Kindergarten and Grade 1 tests, which include teacher-read instructions, and College Prep Benchmarks should not be randomized.

    Translator Check this box to allow translation into the language of the student's choice.
    Dictionary/Thesaurus Check this box to allow students to use the online dictionary/thesaurus.
    Text-to-Speech Check this box to allow students to use Text-to-speech.


    Text-to-speech is not available for Automated Scoring Key tests.

    Test Time Limit Check this box to enable test limit time. After checking the box choose if you want to allow students to pause a test and enter a test length time.
    Student Score Availability 

    Post Scores: Check this box to post student scores, date, and time fields to the student's scores in the K-12 Student-Parent Center.

    Student Responses: Check this box to post student test items and their responses to the responses field in the K-12 Student-Parent Center. You cannot post responses if you do not choose to post scores.

  10. A confirmation message displays. conformationGalileo.png