Understanding Desmos Calculators in Imagine Galileo

Desmos is a simple way to embed rich, interactive math into a web page or web app. Desmos calculators are used widely in K-12 education. Three types of calculators are available:

  • Four-function (basic)

  • Scientific

  • Graphing

State tests in 36 states provide students with Desmos calculators as part of the testing interface. Educators not only want benchmark and formative assessments to prepare students for the state test, but they also want students to practice and become familiar with the same calculator available during the state test.

Many states use state-specific versions of the Desmos calculator. Therefore, we expect that educators want the option to assign students the exact state-specific calculators used on their state tests, as well as the option to assign the default calculators with the full functionality available from Desmos.