Reviewing your students' results from the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark Test (IL&L Teachers)


This article does not apply to students taking the embedded Imagine Language & Literacy Benchmark or the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment. It only applies to students taking the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark in Imagine Language & Literacy (IL&L). If you aren't sure which assessment your school is using, read Checking which assessment option your organization is using.

After your students have completed the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark, Teachers can review the test results for students assigned to them. If you're unsure a student has completed the test, check the student's testing status in the Imagine Galileo Test Monitoring Report. Before reviewing the results, watch this short video detailing the Imagine Galileo Benchmark Performance Levels Report. 

To review results from the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark:

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo K-12 Assessment
  2. Click Dashboard.


  3. Click Reports


  4. Choose Class or Intervention Group, depending on which you want to view results for.
  5. Choose a Class or Intervention Group, depending on which option(s) you selected in step 4.
  6. Click Benchmark Performance Levels.


  7. Choose the Benchmark Test you want to review. Tests are grouped by subject and grade.


    A summary of class performance results display for the test you've chosen.


    Details of the Benchmark Performance Levels test results:

    Term/Field Description
    Performance Levels (Percent Passing) Displays the percentage of students who meet the expected performance level. 
    Graphical chart

    Pie chart that shows a color-coded performance summary of the class assessment results. Hover over a section in the graph to view the number and percent of students at each level and the range of Developmental Level (DL scores) for each level.


    Proficiency standards legend

    The legend below the graph shows color-coded performance levels that correspond with student percentiles and illustrates the corresponding Development Level (DL) range for each Performance Level.



    Enrich, Support, Monitor, and Intervene are the default Performance Levels for districts and schools using Galileo to identify students for intervention. If your district or school is also using Galileo for state test forecasting, you will see labels that match the Performance Levels for your state test.

    Summary of test results for the class
    Student Count The number of students in the class who took the Benchmark Test.
    Avg % Correct The average percentage of correct points out of the total possible points of the scores from all students in the class who took the test.
    Avg DL The average Developmental Level (DL) score from the scores of all the students in the class who took the test?.
    Avg % Standards Mastered The average percentage of mastered standards based on the assessment of all students in the class who took the test.
  8. Click the View Full Benchmark Performance Levels Report link, to access a more detailed view of the data at the Student or Class level, and to choose multiple Benchmark Tests for comparing the progression from one test to another.
  9. Choose the level you want to view test results details for. Student is selected by default.


    • Student - Displays details of test results per student. 
    • Class - Displays details of test results at the class level.
  10. The Only students who took ALL tests option confirms that the same students are included in the groupings, which ensures accurate comparisons. This option is selected by default. To see group differences across tests, uncheck the box.


  11. Filter more or less classes and tests for comparative test results data. Available filters depend on the level you selected

    • Student level - The available filters are based on whether you want to filter by Class or Intervention Group. If you filter by Class, you can choose one or more Classes and Tests to compare, or choose a single class and test to review. If you filter by Intervention Group, you can choose only one Library, one Intervention Group, and one or more tests to compare or choose a single test to review. 


    • Class level - Choose one or more Classes and Tests to compare, or choose a single class and test to view.


    Test results data display in a Chart view with or without view for any level selected. The chart tab is 1 of 3 available to select, based on whether you're viewing the student or class view.

    • Chart - The Chart tab is available when viewing either level. It displays additional information for combined test performance levels achieved by all of your students. 
    • Data - The Data tab displays when viewing the Student or Class level. It shows all test properties and performance measures for each student who took the test. The data tab also shows aggregate Performance measures that include the raw score, the Developmental Level scale score, and the Performance Level, at the class, school, and district levels.
    • Standards - The Standards tab is only available when viewing the Student level. It shows data for the assessed standards mastered on the selected tests, the criteria students mastered in each category, and aggregate standards mastery data for the class, school, and district. 
  12. Click the tab you want to view. The Chart tab is selected by default.viewGalileo.png
    Chart Data Standards



  13. Choose additional tests from the Tests filter list, to compare multiple Benchmark Test results. Click anywhere outside the filters area to refresh the data.


    An update of the class results of the selected Benchmark Tests display.

    In this example, we used the Chart view to compare the progress from the Beginning-of-Year to the Middle-of-Year Galileo Benchmark Tests.


  14. Search for student names in the Search box. As you type, one or more options that match your text show. 


    Search is only available in the Data and Standards views.

  15. In the Data and Standards views, click a column's header to sort the list/view in ascending or descending order. 
  16. Click Excel and choose the data you want to save as an Excel spreadsheet.


  17. Click Print ( LL-GAL-TestResults-PrintBTN.png ) to print or save the report as a PDF.
  18. Click Clear All to remove all selected tests from the report. 



Here are some quick solutions to problems you might encounter when administering the Reading Level Assessment.

I don't see a Benchmark Test in the report

If students have taken the test, but you're not seeing a Benchmark Test report, contact your District Administrator to request the test analysis.


I noticed missing scores when comparing more than one test.

If a student's score is missing and you know the student has taken at least one of the compared tests, check the option to show only those students who took ALL of the tests chosen for comparison is enabled. If Only students who took ALL tests in the Filter area are selected, uncheck it to compare scores for every student who took at least one of the selected tests.