Products, environments, and language supports in the Imagine Math suite

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The Imagine Math Suite has two products, Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts. If a student has access to both, when they log in they will see the following screen asking them to select which product they want to access.

Once a student has selected a product, they must log out and log back in to switch to the other product.

Teachers and Administrators can toggle between products in the bottom left corner of the Imagine Math Suite portal without having to log in and out. 

The educator portal displays in English only, while the student experience can be set to Spanish to varying degrees as noted later in this article.


Imagine Math is further delineated into two student environments, Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math 3+. The environment to which a student is assigned is based on their rostered grade level. It opens when the student logs into Imagine Math, and they will not be able to view or enter the other environment.


Educators cannot edit a student's environment and, generally speaking, Imagine Learning does not recommend moving students to the environment that doesn't match their rostered grade. However, in certain cases it does make sense and can be done by creating a new account for the student in the new environment

The educator portal contains data for both Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math 3+. For example, all Imagine Math students appear in the Imagine Math Usage: Overview report, but there are some columns that populate only for PreK-2 students and others that populate only for 3+ students.  To learn more about the reports available in each environment, start by reading Overview of Imagine Math PreK-2 reports and Overview of Imagine Math 3+ reports

Student Experience

The main differences between each environment are noticed in the student experience as described below.

Imagine Math PreK-2

Imagine Math PreK-2 is hosted in an engaging storybook environment where sibling characters Ruby and Oliver and their friends go on adventures demonstrating that Math is part of their everyday life.

Imagine Math PreK-2 is fully available for students in both English and Spanish. This includes the audio as well as the written text on the screen.



Imagine Math 3+

Imagine Math 3+ is a whiteboard environment that includes several tools such as an extensive glossary of math terms and formulas, math modeling tools, and calculators. Imagine Math 3+ also offers Live Teacher assistance for students who want extra assistance. Another major program feature of Imagine Math 3+ is journaling. Several journaling templates are available for students to think through various parts of each lesson.

No characters appear within the Imagine Math 3+ lessons. Instead, students can spend their THINK Points building their own avatars which print on their student achievement certificates

Text for Imagine Math 3+ students always displays on-screen in English. However, the Live Teachers are available in Spanish, many of the printable worksheets in Teacher Resources have Spanish versions, and the audio support for each question is available in Spanish. While the written portion of the glossary always displays in English, the audio support for the glossary within Imagine Math 3+ is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, and Tagalog. 

Imagine Math Facts

Imagine Math Facts contains a first-person video game environment in which students practice fluency and automaticity of the four operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division—by defending themselves from monsters by answering math facts questions.

Students practice the following ranges of facts:

Operation Content
Addition 1 + 0, 5 + 0, 9 + 0
1 + 1 through 9 + 9

1 – 0, 5 – 0, 9 – 0

2 – 1 through 18 – 9

Multiplication 2 x 2 through 10 x 10
Division 4 ÷ 2 through 144 ÷ 12

Students choose either Kandi or Scratch as their Imagine Math Facts avatar. 

In Imagine Math Facts, the Pause Screen and Options Menu can be viewed in Spanish if the student's account is also set to Spanish in the educator portal. No audio support is available in Imagine Math Facts in either English or Spanish, as the only audio that plays is the video game soundtrack.