Overview of Imagine Math PreK-2 reports

Imagine Math PreK-2 provides a multitude of data on how your students are progressing through their lesson pathways as they correlate to your state's standards or the Common Core State Standards.  Once you've implemented Imagine Math PreK-2, visit the reports section to review students' progress and make educational decisions on next steps for your students.

Accessing the Reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. The reports are listed on the left side of the window.


Below are some data points to take into consideration:

a. Usage Report

  • Monitor cumulative work per class, per student
  • Monitor quality of work as well as quantity of work
  • Identify struggling students and students with "guessing" behaviors 

b. Mastery Report

  • Monitor progress per pathway
  • Use as talking points with students/families to highlight successes and areas of weakness 

c. Benchmark Report

  • Use to guide with grouping students for RTI
  • Use to identify concepts that may need to be reviewed/retaught

d. Student Progress Report

  • Identifies the amount of time a student has spent in the application
  • Monitors the student's progress and lessons completed since the last benchmark test
  • Provides a detailed analysis of the student's lesson activity