Overview of Imagine Math 3+ reports

As you implement Imagine Math, visit the Reports section to review student performance and make educational decisions on next steps for your students. 


Below is a summary of each report:

a.  Usage: Overview Report

  • View class averages and individual student totals for time spent on program, use of Math Helps and Live Teachers, and lessons passed
  • Identify struggling students and students with "guessing" behaviors  

b. Mastery Report

  • Use to group students for RTI
  • Use to identify concepts that may need to be reviewed/retaught

c. Benchmark Report (Does not apply to NWEA users)

  • Monitor Benchmark completion rates 
  • Compare students' latest Benchmark results with prior Benchmark results within the same school year

d. Student Progress Report

  • Monitor progress per pathway
  • Use as talking points with students/families to highlight successes and areas of weakness 

e. Activity Report

  • See in near real-time who is logged in and who is logged out
  • View online students' current lesson, activity, and item number  

f. Weekly Progress Report (District Administrators and Customer Administrators only)

  • Provides data on enrolled and active students, lessons completed and passed, and use of Math Helps and Live Teachers
  • View district-wide data or school-by-school data
  • Shows data for the week ending the previous Saturday

In addition to the data available in the Reports section of your dashboard, you can also review:

a. Student Journal/Notebooks

  • Review on a regular basis to check student progress
  • Use as a communication tool for areas of struggle 

b. Student Data Export

  • This feature exports assessment, performance, and usage data into a CSV file
  • A link to download the file is sent to your email