Program features in Imagine Math PreK-2


Imagine Math PreK-2 activities are organized into lessons, which are about 15-25 minutes long. Students go through the lessons in order. There are about 100 lessons in each grade level. When a student logs in for the first time they complete the Introductory Lesson which shows them how to use the program. 

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Lesson Navigation

Click  to start the exercise or go on to the next exercise.

Click    to submit your answer.

Click to hear the question again.

Click to pause the lesson.

From the pause screen:

Click to continue to the lesson.

Click the Map to exit the lesson


After logging in, the student is taken to the map. A lesson is available to the student in the location on the map that is not faded out. Click on the location to start or continue the lesson.

Students need to return to the map to log out of the program. They can then click pause, and click the X button to log out, or the play button to return to the map.

Tokens and Targeted Review

At the end of each lesson, students earn one completion token. They also earn tokens for every activity where their accuracy was above 50%. If the student did not earn all possible tokens, they will be asked if they want to earn the missing tokens in the Targeted Review. Clicking Yes will bring the student back to the exercises where they had trouble. Clicking No will bring them to the student to the map. (Students can try to earn these missing tokens again in Treasure Island.)