Introducing students to Imagine Math PreK-2

Show this orientation video in either English or Spanish to your students before they start using Imagine Math PreK-2. It explains everything your students need to know about what Imagine Math PreK-2 is and how to use it successfully.

English narration


Narración en Español


This short video explains how Imagine Math PreK-2 teaches students about the exciting world of math. Students meet fun characters and visit cool places as they play Imagine Math PreK-2.

Students will need to log in to Imagine Math PreK-2 and use headphones to hear instructions. The first time students log in to Imagine Math PreK-2, they will see a tutorial where they can practice clicking and dragging. They also learn how to click the highlighted icons on the map to go to the next lesson, song, or game. Then students answer questions to determine which lessons are best for them.

When students do well in their lessons, they earn tokens. At the end of a lesson, students can visit Treasure Island to see the tokens they earned and replay activities to earn the tokens that they missed. Students can also visit the Music Hall to learn songs, the Fair to play games, or the Information Center to learn more about Ruby, Oliver, and other Imagine Math PreK-2 characters. Students learn that pressing Pause during a lesson will give them the option to continue the current lesson, return to the map, or exit the program.  


Click the Closed Caption icon ( icon_cc_final.PNG ) in the video player task bar to display captions so students can follow along as they listen.