Finding a student's Quantile® measure and Quantile growth in Imagine Math

Students who take the Imagine Math Benchmark are provided with a Quantile® measure that shows students' readiness to learn new skills as well as the difficulty of the math material on which they are working. You can find this measure in the Benchmark report for students who take the Imagine Math Benchmark. For students who have taken more than one Benchmark, the report also calculates and displays the students' Quantile growth between Benchmarks.


NWEA users must access the NWEA portal to look up their students' Quantile information. 

To locate a student's Quantile information:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. In the Reports section of the left navigation pane, select Benchmark
  3. Click the name of the class to see Benchmark information for each student in the class. 
  4. As desired: Change the information that displays in the report by changing the selections in the Benchmark filter. The default is Benchmark 1 to most recent. If you want to see a different set of students' Benchmark scores, select a different option in the filter.
  5. Look in the Quantile® Measure column to see the student's Quantile® measure for each Benchmark you selected in the Benchmark filter.
  6. Look in the Quantile® Growth column to see the student's Quantile growth between the Benchmarks you selected in the Benchmark filter.


    You must select more than one Benchmark in order for growth to display.



    Look in the Quantile® Hub to find specific resources to supplement or enrich this student based on their Quantile measure. Click Performance Level Guide to view the ranges of Quantile measures in each grade (state-specific and Common Core).