Expected Quantile® growth in Imagine Math 3+

The MetaMetrics® company developed the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics, which measures the following two items on the same scale:

  • a student's readiness to learn math skills
  • the difficulty of the math materials they encounter

The framework then reports these characteristics as a Quantile® measure – a number followed by a “Q.”  MetaMetrics found that students demonstrated the following average growth in Quantile measure per academic year: 

Grade Level Expected increase in Quantile Measure from BOY to EOY
4 98Q
5 92Q
6 86Q
7 80Q
8 74Q
9 68Q
10 62Q
11 56Q

By conducting a review of approximately 150,000 Imagine Math 3+ users across the country, Imagine Learning discovered that Imagine Math 3+ students showed an average increase of 108Q by the end of the school year. However, students who reached the THINK 30 goal (of completing 30 lessons by the end of the school year) improved an average of 168Q in the same time frame. This additional gain of 60Q is the reason we so strongly recommend that students use the program with fidelity and strive to complete 30 or more lessons each academic year.

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Results vary by grade level, with lower grades showing a higher increase. Numbers may also vary by student population. For example, schools with a high percentage of emergent multilingual learners may observe different gains than schools with other sociodemographic characteristics.

To view your students' Quantile growth, follow the steps in this article