Editing an Assignment

Educators can edit assignments in the Assignment Builder.

The following items are editable:

  • Assignment Name and Icon
  • Assignment Status: Close or Delete Assignment
  • Students: Add or Remove

  • Due Date


The following cannot be reversed:
  • Changing an assignment status from Active to Closed
  • Deleting the assignment


  • Students can be added to assignments that are in progress
  • Closing an assignment removes it from the student portal, even if the student has not completed all the lessons
  • Deleting an assignment removes it from the student portal and reporting, even if students started the assignment

To edit an assignment

  1. Click Assignment Builder.
  2. Click the assignment title on the Assignment Builder Dashboard.
  3. Click the Edit ( edit_pencil_icon.png ) icon on the Status card.

To add and remove students from an assignment


Students can only be added to active assignments that are not passed their due date.

  1. Click the edit icon on the Students card.
  2. Select the plus sign in Available Students to add students, or select the minus sign in Selected Students to remove students.
  3. Verify students appear in the correct columns and click Save.